Welcome to the website of Nick Wates Associates. Discover what we can offer and what we have achieved in the past.

Our core philosophy is that places work better if the people living and working in them are involved in their creation and management. Since the mid seventies we have been exploring ways to make this possible through community based planning and regeneration. Our main mission is helping to define and promote good practice – what works and what does not. To this end we publish articles, books, pamphlets and websites. We run training workshops. And we assist with as many different practical projects as possible, nationally and internationally.

This website records the work we have done so far in collaboration with many individuals and organisations. There are heaps of free downloads. There are a few things for sale. And there are links to other websites with information about how projects and initiatives are progressing.

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If you would like to join us in the journey please get in touch.


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