Conversation across the ages

Fascinating conversation in Leila’s café in Shoreditch in February 2018 organised by the dynamic East End Preservation Society.

Great to see veteran activists from the Tolmers Square campaign in the 1970s sharing experience with those campaigning over 40 years later on remarkably similar issues.

Plenty of scope for more such events to save people from having to continually reinvent the wheel.

In the photos below by Susie Clapham you can glimpse Patrick Allen, Martin Argles, Charles Campion, Sacha Craddock, the Gentle Author, Frances Holliss, Liz Jellinek, Leila, Ken Morgan, Will Palin, Mimi Romilly, Barry Shaw and Nick Wates amongst others.

More information on Tolmers here.

Tolmers conversation 3
Tolmers conversation 2
Tolmers conversation
Tolmers conversation 4

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