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A selection of material from projects, viewable free in PDF format. Listed in date order, most recent first

Making Places Better

February 2020

Thesis for PhD by Publication, Nick Wates, University of Brighton

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The Bungaroosh Project: Public Consultation Report

August 2016

Client: Bungaroosh Project Steering Group

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Building Stronger Communities in East Sussex: from street corner to county hall

July 2016

Client: East Sussex County Council

In collaboration with East Sussex Better Together, Connecting You, Asset Based Consulting, Hastings Voluntary Action, 3VA and Rother Voluntary Action.

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Battle Health Pathway: Public Consultation Report

April 2016

Client: Battle Health Pathway Project Group

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Shoreham Cement Works Collaborative Planning Project: Preliminary Workshop report

October 2013

Client: The Hargreaves Group

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Getting Started: Big Local North East Hastings
Barry Cooper et al., Hastings Voluntary Action et al.

September 2013, revised May 2014

Client: Big Local North East Hastings Interim Steering Group

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Hall Royd and Manor Road, Shipley: The next steps

April 2012

Following up from a Have Your Say event on 24th March

Client: Building Community Consortium for The Kirkgate Centre

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Saffron Lane, Leicester: The next steps

December 2011

Recommendations for community engagement and consultation

Client: Building Community Consortium for the Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council

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Ideas for Hayes Park, Hillingdon, Middlesex

June 2011

Results of initial public consultation with site users, close neighbours and the wider community

Client: Highbridge No 2 Limited (HN2L)

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The Future of Water Oakley, Bray, Berkshire

March 2011

Results of a Planning Workshop held on 22 November 2010

Client: Farmglade Limited

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Wild Park

Wild Park Public Consultation Workshop Results

January 2011

Report on four workshops to consult with local residents on the future of a semi natural public open space on the outskirts of Brighton.

Client: Brighton & Hove City Council

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The Future of Water Oakley, Bray, Berkshire

November 2010

Results of initial public consultation with site users, close neighbours and the wider community.

Client: Farmglade Limited

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Rother Today

February 2010

Report on a data capture exercise to assist Rother Local Strategic Partnership establish priorities.

Client: Rother District Council 

with CSC Regeneration

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Bexhill Local Action Plan Version One 2010

February 2010

Full report from the consultation process to create a Local Action Plan for Bexhill, East Sussex .

Client: Rother Voluntary Action

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Harlow stakeholder workshops report & record

October 2009

Record of two stakeholder workshops held at the start of the development of a Local Development Framework core strategy.

Client: Harlow Council

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Hastings Youth Hub Design Day report and record

June 2009

Output of a Design Day held to involve young people in creating a Youth Hub at St Mary-in-the-Castle, Hastings.

Client: Hastings Trust 

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European exchange programme toolkit

December 2008

Toolkit on action planning for local support groups of the URBACT programme for sustainable urban development.

Downloadable in most European languages from

Client: URBACT Secretariat, European Union

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Aylesbury workshop report and record

September 2008

Output of a workshop to help key stakeholders finalise a consultants’ brief for the preparation of a masterplan for the town centre.

Client: Aylesbury Vale Advantage

Not downloadable due to confidentiality

Great Dunmow Town Design Statement;
Good Practice Advice

December 2006

Report advising the Great Dunmow Town Design Statement Working Party on how best to proceed with producing a Town Design Statement.

Client: The Countryside Agency

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Shaftesbury Town Centre Enhancement Scheme Review

February 2005

Study to help the town council progress the improvement of the town centre in the light of criticism of its proposals by Dorset County Council .

Client: Shaftesbury Town Council

With Alan Baxter & Associates

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Event Report; Cambridge East Area Action Plan Stakeholder Consultation Day

January 2005

Comprehensive illustrated record of a one-day event to seek views prior to drawing up a Draft Area Action Plan for the eastern edge of the city.

Client: Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council

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Neighbourhood Renewal Impact Assessment; Hastings, East Sussex

August 2004

Results of a study to assess progress made by Hastings’ Neighbourhood Renewal programme and to recommend ways to ensure the initiative’s sustainability.

Client: Hastings Borough Council

With Clive Jacotine & Associates

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Aylesham Masterplan brochure

March 2004

Flyer summarising the draft masterplan by EDAW with consultation programme and tear off questionnaire

Client: BBP Regeneration for English Partnerships

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Bexhill Future Questionnaire Results

April 2004

Results from a self-completion questionnaire seeking views on proposals for a Masterplan for Bexhill Town Centre and designs for a key seafront development.

Client: Sea Space; Hastings & Bexhill Renaissance.

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Towards a new community centre

February 2004

Study on facilities needed for the community in West St Leonards, East Sussex, UK.

Client: The Hastings Trust on behalf of West St Leonards Community Association

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Event Report; Cambridge Southern Fringe Stakeholder Consultation Day

October 2003

Comprehensive illustrated record of a one-day event to seek views prior to drawing up an Area Development Framework for the southern edge of the city.

Client: A partnership of local authorities and landowners including Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council.

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St Leonards Planning Workshops publicity

September 2003

Poster and invitation card advertising two days of planning workshops to firm up plans for a new Housing Renewal Area.

Client: Hastings Borough Council

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Town Design Statements; Why and how to produce them

February 2003

Good Practice guide published by The Countryside Agency

Client: The Countryside Agency

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Hastings’ consultation brochures 
by Clive Jacotine & Associates Limited with Nick Wates Associates

October and November 2002

Clients: Hastings Borough Council, South East England Development Agency and English Partnerships

The Future of Hastings & St Leonards; Your guide to who is planning what and how you can get involved.

Umbrella document setting out the consultation programme distributed to all addresses in the area.

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Consultation Results; the Future of Hastings & St Leonards and Bexhill

January 2003

Report of an intensive month of consultation on a range of plans and strategies for the area including a Masterplan, Community Strategy, Millennium Community, Housing Renewal Area and three Local Action Plans.

Client: Hastings Borough Council, South East England Development Agency and English Partnerships

With Clive Jacotine & Associates Limited

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Towards a Masterplan for Hastings and Bexhill

Illustrated brochure setting out a 30-year vision for the area prepared by MBM Arquitectes, Barcelona and AZ Urban Studio, London for the Hastings and Bexhill Task Force. With tear off questionnaire.

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Our Ideas Your Ideas

Brochure setting out the draft Hastings & St Leonards Community Strategy with integrated feedback facilities.

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Better Living in the 21st Century

Brochure explaining the Hastings Millennium Community with tear-off questionnaire inviting involvement.

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Renewing St Leonards on Sea

Brochure asking whether a new Housing Renewal Area should be declared with tear-off questionnaire.

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Castle Ward Local Action Plan

Brochure setting out a Draft action plan with integrated feedback facilities.

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Ore Valley Local Action Plan

Brochure setting out a Draft action plan with integrated feedback facilities.

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Gensing & Central St Leonards Local Action Plan

Brochure setting out a Draft action plan with integrated feedback facilities.

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2002 to 1974

White Rock Gardens Masterplan documents 


Combined flyer and poster inviting involvement in producing a masterplan for a public park in Hastings together with the consultation draft and final masterplan that resulted.

Client: Hastings Borough Council

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Town Design Statements; an evaluation of pilot projects

December 2002

Research note published by The Countryside Agency.

Client: The Countryside Agency

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Community Planning Training & Development Programme 2001/02

December 2001

Brochure advertising a training and development programme for practitioners including 17 one-day training modules on a range of community planning methods.

Client: The Prince’s Foundation with The Civic Trust

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Involving Local Communities in Urban Design; promoting good practice

July 1998

Special issue of Urban Design Quarterly reporting on the findings of the Urban Design Group’s Public Participation Programme.

Client: Urban Design Group

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A multipurpose cultural centre for Hastings:
St Mary-in-the-Castle Prospectus


Report setting out how to give a magnificent redundant church building on Hastings seafront a new lease of life.

Client: St Mary-in-the-Castle Working Party

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Turning the Tide; Hastings Trust prospectus and review


Prospectus for the newly formed Hastings Trust including a comprehensive overview of the work of The Hastings Urban Conservation Project from which it evolved.

Client: Hastings Trust

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Tolmers Destroyed


A report on the activities of property speculators Stock Conversion & Investment Trust in Tolmers Square and their effect on a community.

Client: Tolmers Village Association

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