Books written or edited by Nick Wates. In date order, most recent first.

The Community Planning Handbook
How people can shape their cities, town and villages in any part of the world.

The first comprehensive worldwide how-to-do-it published on public involvement in planning and design. It features an accessible style, best practice information on effective methods, international scope and relevance and full colour throughout. A vital reference for practitioners, policy makers and students throughout the world.

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Tolmers in Colour
Memories of a London squatters community

Between 1973 and 1979, a few streets in Central London became the heart of a squatting community fighting to safeguard the area’s future while exploring new ways of living. In Tolmers in Colour, Nick Wates, one of the leading campaigners, shares some personal and political memories from his photo archive.

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The Community Planning Event Manual
How to use Collaborative Planning and Urban Design Events to Improve your Environment.

Explains how and why to organise community planning events in any context from small neighbourhood improvements to major infrastructure and construction projects anywhere in the world. Includes a step-by-step guide, detailed checklists and other tools for event organisers.

With a Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales and an Introduction by John Thompson.

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Action Planning
How to use planning weekends and urban design action teams to improve your environment.

All over the world people have started organising special collaborative events to improve their surroundings. For a few intensive days, everybody concerned gets an opportunity to have their say and get involved; residents, businesses, professionals, politicians. It’s effective and it’s fun. This book – the first on the subject – tells you how to do it.

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Community Architecture
How people are creating their own environment
By Nick Wates and Charles Knevitt

Community architecture has emerged as a powerful force for change in the way people all over the world are creating their own homes, neighbourhoods and cities. This book – the first on the subject – explains how and why Community Architecture works and reveals the full story of the quiet revolution which provides hope for communities everywhere.

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The real story

Edited by Nick Wates and Christian Wolmar.

Squatters are usually portrayed as worthless scroungers hell-bent on disrupting society. Here is the inside story of the hundreds of thousands of people who have squatted in Britain since the war. The country is riddled with empty houses and there are thousands of homeless people. When squatters logically put the two together the result can be electrifying, amazing and occasionally disastrous.

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The Battle for Tolmers Square 

For seventeen years, Tolmers Square in north London was the focus of a conflict involving tenant’s groups, community associations, students, squatters, intellectuals, political parties at both national and local level, and property developers. The dramatic story of that conflict is told by Nick Wates, who describes how Tolmers Square became a national symbol of the fight against property speculation and the need for community involvement in planning.

The book focuses on one case-study, but the same processes operate in all cities. By tracing the Tolmers case in detail, the book shows clearly the destructive forces which often operate in city redevelopment, and the effectiveness of various forms of campaigning and community action.

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