Back to school

I have enrolled to do a PhD by Publication at the University of Brighton, starting 1st April 2018. The working title is ‘Engagement in Placemaking’ and it will give me the opportunity to review the five main books I have produced over the years, assess their impact, reflect on their contribution to relevant academic fields and identify future initiatives needed.

All very exciting. See here for a crowdfunding page to make it possible and check back here in a while for progress reports.

Academic focus on 5 books and their translations, adaptations and new editions: ‘The Battle for Tolmers Square’ ; ‘Squatting, the real story’; ‘Community Architecture’; ‘Action Planning’ and ‘The Community Planning Handbook’.

New Year 2019 Progress Report

So where have I got to?

  • Training in the latest research methods and online resources;
  • Sorted my archives and digitised some of them;
  • repaired and back in service;
  • Almost completed a first full draft of my PhD thesis. 

Crowdfunding has made it possible. Thanks everyone. But there is still a way to go and lots to do. If you would like to become a  sponsor please go to my crowdfunding page.


And here is the small print:

Direct costs so far: 

  • Tuition fees £2,310
  • Train fares to Brighton £110
  • Repairs to database £415
  • Digitising £138
  • IT support £320
  • Replacement laptop £350
  • Total £3,643

Funds raised:

  • Just Giving donations:  £1,300
  • Offline donations. £2,135
  • Total £3,435

Plus a fantastic contribution specifically for scanning Tolmers archives of £3,772 (not directly related to my PhD).

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