Associates & collaborators2

Individuals and organisations that have collaborated with Nick Wates on projects over the years.

Nick Wates
Practitioner, consultant, writer and researcher
Recent / Regular Collaborators
David Axford
Fund raising and business plans, research, project evaluations

Jeremy Brook
Graphic design

Sean Dale
Apple technical services

Jane Freund
Event organiser

Mike Gibson
Community planning for low carbon communities

Keith Gillies
Graphic design

McPherson & Partners
Accounts and financial planning
Valued Associates
Alan Baxter & Associates  
Engineering and transport

Marie Casey 
Health, voluntary sector, partnerships 

Ian Coleman
Local action plans, voluntary sector, training

Community Development Foundation 
Intelligence, guidance and delivery on community development

Tim Cross
Graphic design
Tim Cross Design Associates

EDAW (now Aecom)
Architecture and environment

Maria Faraone
Engagement with gypsies and travellers,

Clive Jacotine
Regeneration and management consultancy 

Charles Knevitt  Author & consultant, community architecture  

Infrastructure development 

John Thompson & Partners 
Community planning and urbanism 

LDA Design 
Landscape, environment, ecology 

Kelvin MacDonald
Strategic policy consultation

Angela McMahon

Ian Munt
Urban governance 

Alexandra Rook 
Landscape & urban design, training, facilitation

Rowena Rouse
Website construction and management

Wendy Sarkissian 
Author and educator

Philip Clayton-Thompson 
Film direction and production

Andy Spracklen 
Urban planning, food culture, social networking

Consultation and communication

Andreas von Zadow
Community planning, publishing
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